Crypto games: One of the rapidly growing industries in the gaming market

Crypto games based on blockchain technology are the main attraction of many investors. For the last two years, crypto games have made their place in the gaming market, which is incredible. Crypto games are a combination of two technologies, one is the non-functional token that is NFTs, and another is players can earn cryptocurrencies by playing games.

Until now, 128 total crypto games companies have entered this market. And crypto games are one of the best opportunities for investors and players to earn massive amounts. And for that, beginners need to understand this market.

What is different in crypto games

Unlike traditional games, crypto games are not centralized. Due to blockchain technology, players can use their rewards and items from one project to another, which is impossible in traditional games. A player can transfer quickly as crypto games are not centralized.

Crypto games are one of the easiest and most fun ways to earn money; a player can purchase characters, for example, Axies, then the player has to level them up, and after this process, the player can sell at a higher amount. And the second way is players can bet with Axies to earn SLP and AXS.

Popular crypto games

The list of the popular cryptogames is very long.

Alien worlds, top in the list with around 1.16 million monthly users,

Axies infinity is the next one. It  is one of the more popular games in the Philippians and attracts around million users monthly,

Splinter lands on number 3. It is among the most popular and successful crypto games

Following them are decentral, and the sandbox is on the fourth and fifth numbers.

Risk involves in the crypto game

It sounds weird if I say that there is no risk involved in the crypto game; without risk, there is no game and no reward. With various features and advantages, crypto gaming also has some risk factors. In many games, you need to deposit money before you start playing the game. And with the one wrong move, you can lose all the money. Any betting or gambling game needs experience and knowledge of the game to make proper strategies.

Future of crypto games

The way market of crypto games is growing, and it is clear that crypto games are going to be a game changer. Investing in cryptocurrencies is also one of the good ways to earn money. Crypto games have multiple advantages which attract the players to play, such as various games, transfer of rewards, exciting and thrilling live bets and many more.