Insurance Advisor – Never Enter a Career as a Life Insurance Agent

You can start a career as a life insurance agent, or you can go broke and find another job. This is advice from an advisor in insurance! Learn how mastering a career as a professional life agent compares to winning three races at the track.

I challenge you, as an insurance advisor to be a life-insurance salesperson. One who has been through the transition from agent to salesperson and is now able to prospect for leads. They also make big money and drive big cars. Selling life insurance can be a rewarding job. The problem is that your career agency can set you up for failure. Even if you have the most money, you won’t be able to make it through four years. What if I said that your survival chance is only 10%? You can even make it worse by lowering your chance of success Daftar Judi Bola in career to 6%. I bet that 94 of 100 newly hired agents won’t see their fourth insurance anniversary.

You don’t have to call me Dr Doom. I’ve done 26 years of research and rigorous analysis to prove my point. Ask the career agent or the agency about the cause of the failure. It will always be the agency that is responsible, while the agent will blame their career insurance agency. It is the agency’s fault, but it is not the agent’s. It is 50% of the time the agency and new agent are at fault. The recruiter should have not hired the agent, as he should not have submitted for the job. Many new recruits can fill out a sales application form, but they are not “order takers”. This is far from the selling skills required to sell insurance.

Rest of the time I would place it almost entirely on my career agency system. It’s good that I’m not a life insurance agent anymore. Career agencies would love to gag me and hang my truth from the nearest tree.

What is it that really bothers me? Nearly all career life insurance agencies have a similar approach to recruiting agents and managing them in their rookie years. With the odds against any agent and the agency refusing to accept blame or make improvements, how can an agent be successful? Let’s start with the hiring process. There are two ways that career agencies can hire new agents. First, a large ad in the Sunday paper promising a lot of income and many benefits. The second is a recruiter who was hired by the career agency to speak to college seniors at job fairs. The college recruiter might not have sold any insurance policies. The sales manager of the classified ad agency is not a great recruiter.

Your chances of getting hooked into an insurance agent career are low, no matter how you were prompted to respond. This is what the insurance advisor said: An insurance agent career can only be built if you have self-determination, the willingness to learn from mistakes, and the determination to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve your goals.